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Call for Papers: Humboldt Students’ Conference

Generation Sustainability- or after us the Great Flood?!

This year Humboldt University is celebrating its 200th anniversary with the motto ‘the modern Original.’ As a part of this, a student conference with the theme of sustainability will be hosted in June by the Geographic Institute in Berlin-Adlershof.
Sustainability has become an increasingly important theme in scientific and economic discussions as new evidence of global changes has been brought to the fore. A wide variety of subjects, from the natural to social sciences, have become a part of the discussion, each with their own perspectives. To understand the concept of sustainability one must grasp the complexity of its interdisciplinary nature and connect these diverse perspectives.

This approach is modelled after that of the great scientist and thinker Alexander Humboldt, an original of this university, who made cross-disciplinary connections in the pursuit of knowledge. We want to honour this tradition by presenting a student conference which combines natural and social elements. The presentations will focus on the interconnected ecological, social and economic aspects of sustainability, encouraging discussion on its local, regional and global impact.

Our ambition is to establish a Graduate Student Conference at the Humboldt University- Berlin which would afford graduate students the opportunity to present their research to a wide audience, receive feedback and make connections with others in the field. This would be open to any interested students of Geography, Environmental Science, Social Science, Urban- and Regional Planning, Economic Science etc. from across the German speaking region.
The conference will be hosted from the 17th to the 18th of June, 2010, at the Humboldt University Berlin/Adlershof campus, which has become, in recent years, a respected center of science and investigation. The volunteer conference Organization Committee is made up of students from the Geographic Institute of Humboldt University- Berlin.

Postgraduate students of all related disciplines can participate at this conference with a presentation or a poster. We are accepting abstracts until the 28th of February, which you can be found with the “Participants” form.